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Private Flights To Jersey | Airport Information

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The airport is located to the west of the island, The first aeroplane to land in jersey was on the beach located at West Park, which is at the islands south coast in 1912 but it wouldn’t be until 25 years later than an aeroplane would come in on dry land. Over the years since, Jersey has become ever more popular with tourists for business and pleasure flights alike, having more and more planes and helicopters coming in to drop people off and take them out again. Jersey has its own private terminal that we use for our private aircrafts to enable us to get you in and out of the airport quickly and avoid any busyness and waiting around, as a private client of ours you are given a true VIP experience.

Jersey airport is a key part of the islands growth within many different industries, tourism, finance, transport links that are the envy of other islands and many, many more reasons that jersey airport has become such a prolific part of the island. The airport celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2012 as it continues to serve as a main hub within the Channel Islands.  

Jersey Airport Hours & Address | Private Handling

5:45am - 9:00pm (winter)     
5:45am - 9:30pm (summer)

Jersey Airport
St Peter
Channel Islands


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Private Handlers for Private Jet Charter Clients

There will be private handlers at the airport who will take care of you upon arrival and departure to ensure that you are taken swiftly from landing to the doors of the airport or vice versa if departing. You can receive information on the handlers upon completion of contracts with us etc. and you can contact them at your leisure a out where to meet etc. our private handling team aims to help you in any way possible once you’re on the ground.

Weather Warnings| Flight Times And Runway


There are certain weather issues to be aware of when flying to or from Jersey. Being a coastal airport unfortunately means that, upon occasion that there are instances of fog appearing around the vicinity of the airport. This can occur with little warning and out of nowhere even with a feed of information from the MET office, this can sometimes lead to pilots forced to navigate purely with instruments through lack of sight. Be aware that occasionally this can cause problems or delays.

The runway at the airport is over 5000 feet long and is made up of Asphalt. Flight times to this location are :

  • London 52 Minutes
  • Paris 1 Hour
  • Salzburg 1 Hour 54 Minutes
  • Geneva 1Hour 23 Minutes
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