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Biggin Hill Airport is a popular airport arrival and departure point for passengers traveling to and from Jersey. Clients use Biggin Hill airport as it’s ideal for transferring to London. Positioned just South of London it’s a frequent and busy airport for private jets.

Journey time by road from Biggin Hill airport to London is approx 1hr, we can organise all the ground transfer if required getting you to your final destination without the stresses. If you wish to consider using a helicopter from Biggin Hill to Battersea, The London Heliport then we are happy to assist with this also

Clients based in Jersey wishing to travel to the mainland for external flights from Gatwick tend to use Biggin Hill airport as it’s approxiamately 30mins from Gatwick.

You may asked why don’t we fly passengers directly into Gatwick. The answer is simple the landing fees at Gatwick airport range from £4000.00 whereas Biggin Hill cost are from £150.00

The landing fee at Gatwick can be viewed upon as more than the charter costs with some jets we provide

Private Jersey to Biggin Hill

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