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Here at Charter-a we a total commitment to our clients, our team gives you our client a the service expected, talking to you on a level that everyone can understand without using fancy words to cover things up, just straight talking professionals with years of experience in the aviation industry. We see you as a person, not just another number that makes up sales, we talk to you about what you want, discuss further options with different price ranges and maybe more suitable locations, we take the time to call and make sure everything with the flight is sorted and your all ready to go as well as always being at the other end of the phone if need be, all this and more is what makes us such a dominant force within the industry, fly with us today and you’ll see just how good we really are.

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Our Values

Commitment: Our priority is you the prospective client, our team will work tirelessly in committing to your exact requirements and will endeavor to work within your budget without reduces the service you expect.

Transparency: is very important to us and although we make sure we have everything in place when providing a VIP service there are times when maybe the weather or ATC delays can effect the operation, we will provide you with any possible issues as soon as we receive them and giving you honest, professional and trustworthy information which will allow us to put in place contingencies to assist you in your travel.

Honestly: We always want to offer you the best possible price in the market, however we are also aware at times this may not be possible due to aircraft perhaps not in position so additional costs may occur. However we are always keen to price match so let us know if our price needs to be looked at again and if we can price match without reducing the level of service we will, and if not we are always happy to provide independent advice.

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